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As a Mentor and Investor, Drummi is actively involved in building a vibrant Atma Nirbhar Bharat Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, making it easier for social entrepreneurs to access angel investments and mentoring support, thus creating successful and self-sustaining business enterprises

Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs is not just a responsibility, but a privilege

Conferences, Summits, Initiatives

Mentoring Innovative Mission-Driven Social Entrepreneurs and Startups that have the Potential of Creating Long-Lasting Change

Rural Empowerment Startups

An user-friendly platform that allows clients and partners to take their businesses and dreams to each and every village in India.

India’s first vernacular e-learning platform, offering live lectures and pre-recorded courses to help students to learn.

An initiative of a team of farmers’ children from dryland agriculture backgrounds to revive millet food cultures & nutritional diversity.


The largest smart and affordable EV charging network in India, built by Kazam, an agnostic EV charging software platform.
Samvriddhi Infotech is the solution integrator for Enterprise Technology Solutions with a focus on Integrated Enterprise GIS solutions for Efficient Business Operations.
A blockchain platform set to revolutionize the Carbon Emissions and Credit ecosystem.
EcoRatings utilises AI/ML and Big Data to disrupt traditional sustainability assessment frameworks, quantifying environmental impact at the product/service level

Deep Tech /Ai

Art & Culture

An AI-Powered Contract Review and Assessment Platform that unlocks efficiency and maximises control.

Xaant AI by TerraBlue XTA, a dynamic, deeptech startup from India, building non-invasive, wearable systems and AI platforms to predict, detect & manage chronic diseases and disorders.

A platform for the upcoming artists. Art consultancy, Appreciation, and Restoration firm.
Promotion of Ayurved, Yog and Naturopathy wellness initiatives through wellness resorts, tourism events and corporate programs globally.

Contributing Insights and Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs Across the Entrepreneurial Spectrum

Media Mentions

Projects and Activities